13 Ways To Do Wedding Dress Shopping and Place a Customized Order

When the date is set for the big day, things can be overwhelming, ideas poured in from all over the place. Choosing a wedding dress- just one part of the whole wedding party- can put you under pressure. Every bride-to-be knows the feeling that the more you look up for a wedding dress design, the harder it’ll be to make up your mind. And when you do get the glimpse of your dream dress, the wedding dress shopping day can be another challenge. readmore


5 Reasons why you should wear Jumpsuit

If you already love to wear jumpsuit and it becomes an integral part of your wardrobe, it’s fantastic. However, many women probably won’t consider wearing one for many reasons : can’t stop to associated it with baby onesies, the toilet business when nature calls, the tricky look, etc.readmore


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